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When it comes to buying an auto insurance for your vehicle, AIG Auto Insurance is one of the best insurance companies that provide great offers and deals to people across the United States.

No doubt that everyone will look for a company that provides the best coverage options at lowest premium rates and also offers great customer support services.

In that aspect AIG will not disappoint you as they are a very well-known company with a great reputation in providing great service and coverage and also for settling claims at the earliest time possible.


AIG reduced their premium rates recently in many states making customers happy as it saves several hundred dollars for them each year.

One of the main objective of that company is they really understand the needs of the customer and why it is important to provide excellent coverage option at a price that is affordable to many.

Along with lesser rates, customers are also offered several discounts and deals to save more money than any other companies.

Most of the reviews from the customers in many websites are mostly positive and you can’t many negative reviews and even if there are some that are due to policy upgradation or regarding policy rates etc.

AIG Auto Insurance

When it comes to utilizing the latest technology you can’t beat AIG as they are the frontrunners in this industry.

If you are parent with a teenage son, then you can leave all your worries about the driving of your son when you purchase policy from AIG, as they install GPS tracking devices in their cars to track to monitor where your teen goes as well as to record all his driving habits as well.

By this parents can keep track of their children while they are on the road driving.

Claims and Quotes

Now you can report your claims online easily.

To report your claim you need to get yourself registered in the website and report you claim by providing your insurance and claim details.

You can also attach the relevant documents to support the claim and also check the status of your claims easily online without needing to call any customer service.

AIG Insurance

AIG is sold through AIG Direct, part of the 21st Century Insurance Company and later sold to Farmers.

While getting a quote for auto insurance, you need to select your state as the coverage options differ across various states in the country.

Some of the coverage options provided are Bodily Injury liability, Property Damage Liability, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury and Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist Property Damage.

The policies can be obtained through various insurance brokers around the country, but one thing to be noted is that it is always better to get the policy online as you can save a lots of money when you purchase the AIG Car Insurance policy online than from brokers.

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