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AIS Auto Insurance is a subsidiary of Mercury General and headquartered in El-Segundo, California.

It serves more than 400,000 customers and sells private auto insurance to individuals and families across California.

Auto insurance policies account for a major share in the company’s premiums and having been in the industry for more than 40 years, they have helped customers to choose the best coverage options by providing policies at competitive rates.

AIS Auto Insurance

Customers across California can insure all kinds of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, pick-up trucks, recreational vehicles, vintage cars and also Mexico registered vehicles.

According to the existing laws in California, every driver should have car insurance compulsorily and the policy should cover the following options including collision, bodily injury liability, uninsured motorists, medical, property damage liability, and comprehensive physical damage coverage.

AIS has been founded for the primary reason to provide cheap policies to the customers and save them from a lot of trouble during any incident involving their vehicle.

You can confidently start with AIS and rely on the policy and the coverage options that will help you to a great extent in the future.


Along with the mandatory coverage options, AIS also provides many special coverage options to help their customers cover additional expenses like breakdown costs, rental cars, towing, gap coverage etc.

AIS has a vast network of independent agents who will help the customers in choosing the best coverage options that suits all their requirement along with clarifying all their queries regarding the insurance policy and certain coverage options.

These agents help you understand about the mandatory requirements according to the laws of the California state and also explain about the various special coverage options to help you save you a lots of money by making a wise investment.


Getting an insurance quote from AIS is completely free as you just need to visit the website and provide the required details of your vehicle along with some personal details and in minutes the quote will be sent to your email address.

People looking for car insurance on a budget can definitely go with AIS Insurance.

AIS also has an excellent customer support team that acts a backbone for the company as it helps the customers in all aspects including selecting the best policy, clarifying all their queries, helping customers to quickly settle their claims and also helping in managing their policies etc.

If you are thinking of about getting an car insurance for your vehicle, then it is the right time for you to purchase from one of the best providers subsidiary to company that has a market value of around $2.24 billion.

When it comes to claim settlement, the financial ability of the company comes to the main focus and AIS has a very strong financial background and hence all claims will be settled at the earliest as possible.

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