Auto Insurance Companies in California

There are many auto insurance companies that operate in Los Angeles and other cities in California, so that it’s hard to consumers to make the right choice.

They include major players, and each one offers exclusive services and benefits.

You should shop for the best auto insurance companies in California to end up with a great policy that matches your personal needs.

Best Car Insurance in California

Nowadays, most consumers are familiar with such reliable brands as Geico and Allstate, but there are other top companies in this state that can be your right fit.

Take a look at the following list to get the best coverage.

AAA Northern

These companies combine to service all AAA members in this region.

The first one serves people in Southern California, while the other one serves consumers in Northern California.

They form the largest auto insurer in this state with its market share of more than 15%.

California residents are offered with more affordable car insurance compared to other large companies in this industry.

To buy this beneficial coverage, your license can’t be less than 3 years old, and you aren’t allowed to have any speeding tickets.

Best Auto Insurance Companies in Los Angeles

State Farm

It’s also the best car insurance in California, and this company has a market share of more than 14%.

State Farm specializes in offering not only basic policies, but it also provides customers with beneficial classic and antique quotes via its helpful agents.

This insurer is famous for having low complaint ratings and offering diverse options to fit the needs of any driver.


It’s the third largest company in this state, and it offers a wide range of excellent policies.

Most customers choose Your Choice Auto, because it’s the most popular coverage offered by Allstate.

You can also get an access to special auto insurance options if you have luxury and expensive cars.

Mercury Group

Its market share is also large, and most people know this reliable insurer for its reasonable prices.

Besides, it has a proven track record, excellent customer service and low complaint rating.

Mercury Insurance Group is the best company in this state in terms of its customer service based on the latest statistics.


It’s one of the best auto insurance companies in CA, and it works as a high-risk non-standard provider.

That’s because it specializes in insuring those clients who have too many speeding tickets and at-fault road accidents.

So, it’s a perfect option for drivers shopping for high-risk insurance, but the main drawback is that its premiums are high because of that.

You can lower them with the help of special good driving and safe driving discounts offered by this car insurance company for any coverage plan.

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