How You Can Cancel Progressive Insurance

If you wonder how to cancel Progressive insurance, you should check out this article as it contains some of the most important aspect related to this topic.

It is important to read it before you actually initiate the cancellation process.

Basic Information

If you have insurance with one company, particularly with Progressive, and you wish to cancel it, you should consider several important aspects.

Some types of insurance are optional, and it is only up to you if you wish to get them.

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For instance, if you do not need to have any life insurance any longer, you just need to discontinue it.

If you want to discontinue your car insurance with Progressive, but you still plan to use your car, then you need to obtain your car insurance from another company.

how to cancel progressive insurance

How to Cancel

You should know that Progressive company offers to refund in the case of cancellation.

Also, you should mind of the obligation to pay fees for cancellation that may be different in different states.

This means, for instance, if you have paid for 12-month insurance and cancel it after using it for 5 months, you will get refunds in the amounts equal to payments for the rest 7 months.

If you have auto insurance with Progressive for a certain month and then cancel it before it expires, you will be refunded for all other days that you do not use it.

What Fees Will You Have to Pay?

One of the important matters that need clarifications is whether it really is possible to cancel Progressive without paying any additional fees.

According to reports received from Progressive’s customers, there is cancellation fee ranging from $50 to $65.

Also, you should know that you may obtain not a whole amount, but percentages of it. Since there may be short-rate penalties, many drivers are discouraged from canceling their policies early.

Canceling over Phone

It is possible to cancel your current auto insurance with Progressive over the phone, but you should be ready to provide the following information:

  • Proof of sale;
  • Information about new insurance;
  • Proof of plate forfeiture;
  • Policy number.

If you have any questions, you should ask an agent of Progressive and clarify all the matters with him or her.

Final Note

Before you decide to cancel your auto or another type of insurance with Progressive, you should make sure that it is really worth it.

The company promises that you will be refunded with the rest of the money that you do not spend for your insurance, but you should also be aware а necessity to pay a cancellation fee.

Anyway, if you have an idea of switching companies or just discontinuing your current insurance for other reasons, you should not be in a rush.

First of all, you should contact their agents by any of several contact options available, including phone and clarify all useful information on how to cancel Progressive insurance.

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