How to Cancel GEICO Auto Insurance

How to cancel GEICO auto insurance? Tips and instructions. Possible fees and required refunds.

Find answers to all the questions concerning GEICO cancelling


The online account center by GEICO provides customers with modern opportunities, for example, to add new vehicles, update policy options, transfer between insurance types and even drop some coverage parts not specified by the law.

So, people who do not know how to cancel GEICO auto insurance can consider it to be simple as other convenient options.

However, in fact, cancelling the cooperation is a complicated process, which presupposes many steps and is much more difficult than searching the website of the company.

Moreover, clients cannot quit car insurance online.

Instead, they should use one of the alternative variants.

First of all, before the beginning of the process, you need to be ready for a range of restrictions and requirements, which have to be fulfilled to start the process.

Further steps depend on the state you live in.

The vast majority of them require you to have car insurance, which is plated or registered.

Once you sell the vehicle, perform significant repairs, start major restoration or other things that lead to insurance dropping, you will have to surrender the plate to the state, again.

Additionally, you may need to provide a proof of plate surrendering.

Your task at this stage is to give the plate to the local DMV, which will provide you with a confirmation number or a receipt.

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Different Ways

Due to the rapid growth of number of insurers, changing the car insurance became a usual thing among customers.

That is why, GEICO frequently requires a proof of the new existence even before you cancel the old one.

The contract will not be cancelled in case you cannot or do not want to supply corresponding documents.

However, generally there are two possible ways to cancel GEICO: by mail and by phone.

The first route is rather time-consuming and will take up to 30 days, while the second one allows you to quit the cooperation immediately.

Fees, Payments and Possible Refunds

Fees, refunds and extra payments you will need to make usually depend on the type of GEICO insurance and method you had.

Sometimes, you will need to pay the insurance up to the cancellation date.

Sometimes, you can get the refund of certain premiums you have already paid.

A small cancellation fee can be required by your insurer.

Hopefully, now customers are aware of all the possible variants and details of how to cancel GEICO and its possible outcomes.

Compare your current rates and learn the information about other insurers to make the right decision. Opt for affordable rates and convenient conditions.

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