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Elephant auto insurance is definitely one of the best offers on the market. The main boon is a large number of discounts on the table. If you are eligible for all of those, you can cut the price by up to 40%!

Elephant Insurance offers all standard insurance packages, such as homeowners or renters, life, motorcycle and auto insurance.

One of the key advantages that you get is easy-to-use bundling feature, when you sign up for home and/or auto and/or life insurance policies at the same place.

This will drive down the cost for all the products that you get.

The company offers car insurance in Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

Getting Quotes

In order to get a quote, the customers only need to specify the ZIP code and answer a couple of straightforward questions. In the majority of cases, the pricing information is made available within 6 minutes.

Website: https://www.elephant.com/home

Easy to use, intuitive website that helps you get quotes and answers to your questions in a fast and effective manner.

Elephant Auto Insurance


When it comes to claims, the customers always look for ways to handle them as quickly as possible.

Claims are known to stack up on drivers even more stress in addition to anxiety and frustration that they are already experiencing.

However, Elephant Car Insurance is all about an extremely quick and efficient claims handling process.

The customers can go online or call the company’s telephone number to speak to a fully trained personnel, register a claim and specify any pertinent information.

The website sports a set of intuitive and easy-to-grasp videos. These no-nonsense clips tell you everything you need to know about claims, quotes and car insurance overall.

What do reviews say about Elephant

Elephant has been getting pretty good reviews on the web from real customers. This serves as a proof that company is doing it right. Take your time to read the commentary about the company. There’s a disgruntled user from time to time, but in the majority of cases, the user’s one to blame for an inconvenience that occurred.

Top-notch customer service

You can contact their customer service department 24/7 to get a full run-down on all the whistles and blows that offer.

They retain fully trained and polite personnel, who are always acting professionally, do not hurry out of the conversation and are always willing to take an extra mile in order customize the services delivered.

Looks like this company works hard to train and monitor their employees. That’s essential in insurance claims handling business.

Bottom line

If you shopping for a good auto insurance and live in Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Tennessee, Texas or Virginia, Elephant is definitely worth looking into.

Bundling auto and home/life insurance is their best give-away that competition currently lacks.

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