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Grundy Auto Insurance is one of the best options for people with a collector car who wish to obtain the best conditions to protect their vehicle.

You should read further to find out more about the requirements of this company, ratings, reviews, etc.

About the Grundy

The company was established in 1947 by James A. Grundy, and today, it features a range of top-notch insurance services, protecting the following:

  • Collectible Automobiles;
  • Regular-Use Automobiles;
  • Valuable Collections;
  • Fine Homes;
  • Comprehensive Casualty;
  • Classic Boats.

grundy auto insurance


There is a program specially designed for collector vehicles, which allows you to save 50% or even more of the cost of regular auto insurance while receiving more benefits.

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To be able to get this policy, you must match to the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 25 years old;
  • Your collector vehicle must be stored inside of a locked garage;
  • Your vehicle must be used only for pleasure driving;
  • You must have a regular-use auto.

There is also MVP (motor vehicle program) that allows you to get insurance for all vehicles that you have, including the following:

  • Pickup trucks;
  • Daily drivers;
  • Collector cars;
  • Trailers;
  • Exotics, and others.

The following matters are included in MVP:

  • 150% Replacement;
  • Agreed Value Protection on All Vehicles;
  • Transportation Expense;
  • Emergency Living Expenses;
  • Breakdown Assistance;
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts;
  • Full Glass Coverage;
  • New Vehicle Replacement;
  • Personal Property;
  • Waiver of Deductible;
  • Pet Coverage;
  • Cash Settlement.

How Can You Reach Their Agents?

You want to reach their agents in order to find out more detailed information, such as quotes.

There are several contact options that you can use, including phone, fax, email, and an online contact form.

To have more opportunities, you should register on their website as a client, which will allow you to enjoy the following:

  • Browsing the details of your policy;
  • Paying your premium;
  • Requesting changes in your policy;
  • Filing a claim.

You should also note that you can make a payment on the website by choosing your policy in the “Pay your premium section.” Also, you can file claims in the “File a claim” section.

Rating and Reviews

One the company’s website, you will find plenty of reviews praising the company for quality services, affordable prices, good customer support, etc.

Also, the BBB gave them the highest rating of A+, which is excellent.

There are no complains or reviews available on the BBB’s website regarding Grundy Insurance.

You will not find lots of customer reviews on other sites as well.

Considering the fact that this business has been operating for many years, this may be a sign of a good reputation.


If you are a car collector, you should consider purchasing their auto insurance.

This company has great rating and a long history. They offer various policies, including MVP.

You can use different contact methods to reach the agents of Grundy Car Insurance.

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