Does insurance cover a stolen car

Striving to find the answer to this question you need to consider the insurance type you have chosen and policies offered by the insurer.

However, an overwhelming majority of comprehensive coverage policies will pay for a stolen auto.

Generally, such policies cover the main expenses not related to car damage, such as theft, collision, breakdown and vandalism.

Thus, contact the customer support team with a question ‘does insurance cover a stolen car’ primarily to submitting an application and opting.

Car Theft Insurance Coverage

With the help of innovative online services, you can easily find an optimal insurer and insurance that will meet your expectations and requirements, including the coverage of car theft.

Commonly, the coverage you have bought will determine theft related expenses.

Having liability coverage only, you will not get other payments.

does car insurance cover a stolen car

However, in case such a payment is presupposed by the insurer, you will have to undergo quite a simple process:

  • File a police report;
  • Contact your company to tell them about the incident;
  • The representative of the company will ask you to wait for several days;
  • Once the car is not found during these days, it will be estimated and the cost will be paid to you;
  • In case the car is found during the expectation span, though it is damaged, you will receive only the repair loss.

Other Instances

Considering the items stolen from the car, you can also expect the insurance to cover their costs.

Nevertheless, comprehensive car insurance can pay only for factory-installed or built-in items, such as stereo, navigation system, etc.

Other insurances, like homeowners or renters, can deal with other personal things stolen from your car.

No auto insurance will pay for iPod or dashboard-mounted GPS.

Extra Coverages

Apart from standard liability insurance required by the law, it is preferable to have comprehensive car insurance that protects your vehicle from diverse damages and losses not related to collision.

All in all, once you still cannot find the answer to the question ‘Does insurance cover a stolen car?’, you need to browse the Internet and find an ultimate option that has this point highlighted.

In this case, you will be guaranteed to get compensation for a stolen car, as such coverage has been specified in the policies of definite insurance company.

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