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Metromile auto insurance as an easy way to obtain the required car insurance fast and with minimal effort.

Additionally, enjoy bonuses and discounts for both new and experienced customers.


Metromile is the company, which employs an exceptional approach to car insurance.

The main concept is rather simple and helps save a considerable sum of money for drivers, who do not cover huge distances a year.

Thus, with pay-per-mile Metromile auto insurance, people driving less than 10,000 miles a year get a chance to save over $500.

Aimed at customer’s comfort and convenience, the platform presents 24/7 claim team helping you deal with car issues anytime.

Additionally, the company uses a special OBD-II dongle system, possible to decode key information about your vehicle, including the way you drive, engine light and place where you have parked your car.

Metromile Auto Insurance

Thus, the rating policy of the insurer attracts an increasing number of city drivers, who get an opportunity to get low rates and dependable policies.

Metromile rates depend mainly on the mileage you drive a day.

Generally, insurance rates are split into two parts, including base rates and per-mile costs.

Thus, the overall sum you will pay a month is equal to the sum of the base rate plus per-mile rate, which is multiplied by the quantity of miles you drove the last month.

On average, the sum varies from $65 to $80. Occasional trips to other places will not cause significant bill changes.

Availability and Options Offered

Just as a usual insurance company, Metromile provides its clients with basic coverages.

Nevertheless, they are supplemented by extra coverages you can select.

They include:

  • Roadside assistance assists you in case you get a flat tire, need a tow or other help;
  • Rental reimbursement will guarantee you $30 a day for 30 days to rent the car in case you have comprehensive or collision insurance;
  • Pet injury protection also presupposes the results of collision and comprehensive coverage. A client will receive up to $1,000 if your pet got injured in the accident.

Metromile Pulse is an obligatory, free device for insurance users.

The item will decode information about the mileage covered and other details required for the bill formation.

Additionally, you can download the application to track data in the Pulse.

How to Obtain a Quote and Proper Coverage

The process of quote getting is rather simple and can be run online. Just fill in the application, specifying certain personal details, as well as information about your vehicle and enjoy the top Metromile auto insurance within a few hours.

Get additional bonuses and discounts for extra services.

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