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If you wish to get protection for your car, you may check out Primerica Auto Insurance.

Finding a reliable insurer is the time-consuming process, but if you manage to find a reliable provider, you will be able to save some money.

We have collected some useful information here about this company and their products that you can check out.

About Primerica

Primerica is an independent distributor of financial services that was established in 1977.

Today, the business has more than 121,000 representatives, so it is one of the largest companies operating in North America.

Their products are also available for people who live in Puerto Rico, Canada, and Guam.

The company’s international headquarters is based in Duluth, Georgia.

 primerica auto insurance

Primerica offers pre-paid legal services, investments, and several types of insurance, including the following:

  • Life insurance;
  • Auto insurance;
  • Long-term care;
  • Home insurance.

They cooperate with several insurance companies that actually sell auto insurance services.


There are no auto insurance services offered by Primerica itself, but it offers you to check out conditions of different providers.

There is a comparison program available through Answer Financial, one of its partners.

You can use the services of Answer Financial to get quotes for auto insurance.

The sale of the policies is managed by Primerica, but all other matters, such as claims should be sorted out with the underwriting business.

You will be provided with all the needed information to use your policy, including the number that you can call at to make a claim.

There is no quick online tool, allowing you to check quotes, so you will need to contact an insurance agent directly.

This is also how can you find out the coverage options, how you can make a monthly payment, and any other information.

Rating and Reviews

Primerica has obtained the pretty high rating of A+ from the BBB website, which means excellent.

Currently, there are 136 complains that you check out on the website of this organization with 135 of them being closed.

Also, you can check out 8 positive and 5 negative reviews, most of which are related to products or services.

The AM Best’s rating given to this company is A+, which means “stable.” Its rating from S&P is also pretty high —  AA-.

There are also other websites where you can read what customers think of the company, for instance, on Super Money, the company’s rating is 71% based on 20 reviews.


Although Primerica is not an insurance company, you can purchase auto insurance products from them.

They work with various businesses that actually sell policies and provide insurance services.

Primerica has pretty high ratings and good customers’ reviews.

You can contact their agent or try to find the needed information on their website to purchase Primerica Car Insurance.

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