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Prudential auto insurance may be the right option for you if you wish to protect your vehicle.

You should consider some basic information about this company, including its reputation, reliability, conditions, ratings, etc.

Here, you will find out the most important aspects.

Initial Information on the Company

Prudential Insurance was established in 1875 in Newark, New Jersey. It has on offer various services, including homeowners insurance, annuities, umbrella coverage, and others.

Prudential Auto Insurance

This company has high ratings from Fitch, A.M. Best, S&P, and Moody’s.

Also, it has been recently ranked #2 on the list of the World’s Most Admired Companies. Unfortunately, its rating from the BBB is very low (D-).

Prudential car insurance is available at affordable quotes. You can take advantages of a range of benefits, such as:

  • Convenient payment options;
  • 12-month policies available at a low-cost premium;
  • New car replacement;
  • Accident forgiveness;
  • Unlimited Rental.

A range of discounts is also provided by Prudential insurance, including the following:

  • Group affiliation discount (offered for members of groups and associations that belong to affinity program of Prudential);
  • Anti-theft device discounts (offered for cars with recovery devices, such as disabling devices, alarms, etc.);
  • Good student discount (offered for students with GPA of at least 3.0);
  • Anti-lock brakes discount (offered for cars with ABS system);
  • Multi-car discount (offered in case of insuring several vehicles).

How Can You Report an Accident?

All claims can be reported around the clock.

There are several contact options available, including an online form and toll-free phone number.

All repairs can be conducted at repair shop chosen by a driver or recommended by the company.

There is an eService program that allows their customers to use company’s services online.

You can use it to change your policy, view important information, pay a premium, etc.

Their customer service is available by toll-free phone number or Customer Response Center.

What Do Customers Think of the Company?

The company has a D- rating from the BBB, because it did not resolve 7 complaints, and did not respond to 9 companies.

All in all, on the BBB’s website, you can find two negative reviews and 32 complaints.

There are several other websites where you can check customers reviews, for instance, one of them has 15 reviews giving the total rating of 1.3 out of 5.

Although customers do not often write positive posts, this may be a sign of a bad service.

Although the company has high ratings from reputable financial analysts, its rating from the BBB is poor.

The company features 24-hour customer support, but some people are left without their attention.

All in all, you can consider purchasing insurance, but only after making sure that their representatives are responsive.

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