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You should check out this review on Roadway Auto Insurance if you are looking for a reliable insurance company.

In this article, you will find lots of useful information, such as what they offer, what customers think of them, what rating they have, etc.

About the Roadway Insurance

Roadway provides auto insurance for drivers living in Washington DC and Maryland.

They state they their reputation is one of the best found in the Baltimore-Washington area for convenient service and affordable auto insurance.

They work with different carriers in MD and DC to offer the best conditions.

Their providers have issued over 100,000 policies within the area.

The website of the company is available in both English and Spanish.

There are several contact options that you can use to reach their agents, including email, an online contact form, and phone.

Roadway Auto Insurance


They offer the following:

  • Liability coverage;
  • SR-22;
  • Comprehensive auto insurance;
  • FR-19;

The company accepts all drivers, regardless of their driving history.

New drivers are welcome as well.

You can get quotes by contacting their agents in the nearest location, by filling out an online form found on their website or by phone.

They do not publish any information regarding discounts, so you will need to figure it out from their agents.

What Can You Do on Their Website?

There is no option to file claims on their website, which means that you will need to clarify this matter with their representatives.

They provide the clear contact details that you can use to reach their specialists.

If you like to make payments online, you are provided with this opportunity.

You just need to click on the “Make a payment” button found on their website, and you will be redirected to another site where you can play your premium.

There are several helpful videos that you can check out to find out more information.

Rating & Customer Reviews

There is no rating that you can find on the website of the BBB.

On the company’s Facebook page, you can check out 25 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5, which is pretty good.

You can also check out their “Testimonials” section that has many positive reviews.

Currently, there are no customers’ comments that you can find on other internet sources, which is a good sign because customers can always find a way to express their frustration with poor services.


Happy customers are the best sign of quality services, and considering the fact that there are mostly positive reviews about this company, it must be really good.

They cooperate with several leading insurance companies, so you will be able to make the best deal.

It is recommended to contact their agents and carefully check their conditions, and if everything looks fine, you can purchase your policy from Roadway Car Insurance without worries.

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