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This company, SafeAuto Insurance, offers a range of services, including car insurance, as well as life and medical insurance packages, delivered by its partners.

Let’s take a look and determine, whether SafeAuto Insurance is worth our attention.


The company says on its main page that it has some of the lowest prices.

The customer doesn’t have to pay a high down payment, while can also benefit from affordable monthly payments down the road.

The website also specifies that if you get a quote and not act on it now, you can always return to the website and the quote will still be there.

However, it is also said that it takes Safe Auto only 3 minutes to get back to you with a quote, so getting a totally new quote is not a hassle.

If you need to get automobile insurance right away, the company will help you do just that. Just give them a call to spearhead the process.

Safe Auto Insurance

What coverages can you get from the company?

It offers the standard set of coverages, including bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

You can decide on what coverages you want to have based on your individual needs.

At the same time, the standard coverage assures that you fully comply with the laws of your state (the company will make sure that they have checked the current state laws on minimum auto insurance levels).


The company offers a wide range of options, which you can use to make payments under your car policy.

The majority of those are deemed as instantaneously made right at the time you transfer them.

However, if mail in the money, the payments will be recognized as made at 12:05 the next business day following the day, on which the postal delivery was received.

There is a fee, which kicks in, when you have a late payment. This is called a reinstatement fee.

The late payments are not permitted in all cases, so you are advised to make sure that know the company’s stance on late payments in your particular case.

To avoid getting into a pickle, make sure that you make a payment a couple of days prior to the deadline.

How are claims and other issues handled?

The company takes pride in handling claims and other communications in a fast and effective manner.

They seem to engage only the fully trained and licensed claims handling officers.

Naturally, whenever you have a claim to be handled, you are looking for a polite and expedient customer service that would make sure they have clarified everything they need in order to provide you with the follow-up instructions.

Always make sure that you do not admit the guilt to anyone, including the police.

You can also call Auto Safe Insurance in order handle all sort of questions, including, payments of premiums, claims, discounts, etc.

What do the reviews say?

The majority of reviews say that the company has been working hard in order to deliver high-quality services.

Many of reviews stress the ease and expediency, with which the quotes and claims are processed on the website and via the phone.

There’s a couple of negative reviews here and there, but in most cases those come from disgruntled users, who clearly seem to be at fault.

This company is definitely worth looking into. This shows throughout our research, comparison with competition and reviews online.

If you are still on the fence, make sure that you give them a call and find out about the discounts that they are willing to offer and any kinds of similar perks.

Remember that whenever you have various types of products bundled (for instance, home and auto and/or life insurance packages), this drives the costs down for all of the individual insurance types that you bundled within the same insurance provider.

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