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Titan Auto Insurance is one of the leading car insurance companies and is affiliated with Nationwide Insurance, one of the largest network of financial and companies around the globe.

It specializes in providing non-traditional coverage options for its policies and buying an auto insurance from Titan is always cheaper than many other companies.


One of the main reasons that Titan is preferred by many because, it offers auto insurance to all kinds of people, even drivers who are considered to be at high risk, people with multiple violations, inexperienced drivers, people having huge gaps in their auto insurance coverage and people having huge points in their license etc.

Titan Auto Insurance

Most companies will not entertain issuing policies to these kind of drivers, but Titan provides insurance to all.

It also helps to file SR-22 or FR-44 to people who require it.


Titan Insurance has been rated 4.5 stars for its affordable pricing and claims processing and also been awarded as the best company in 2017.

It all happened because of the consistent positive reviews from its policy holders and according to a recent survey held by the company more than 80% of its policy holders agreed to recommend Titan to other people and around 90% of people said that they would renew their policy with them.

It is one of the leading auto insurance company that boasts that it can provide an insurance policy for as little as 1$ per day.

It also provides an excellent customer support service to help you in guiding through all the coverage options available and choosing the policy that suits all your requirements.

Claims, Payments, Quotes

Filing a claim with Titan is pretty much simple as you just need to call their customer service team and report your claim.

They intend to strive hard to process your claims at the most earliest time possible and get you back on the road or have your car back to normal again.

They are always a call away to check the status of your claim or to help you with any other services offered by the company.

If you face any problems while on the road due to a broken engine, flat tire or any kind of issues, you can always call their customer support for help in towing your vehicle to the nearest service center, if you have towing covered in your policy.

Titan offers flexible payment options and you can pay all your premium amounts online through the Titan website easily.

All you need is to visit the payments section and provide your insurance number and Date of Birth of the policy holder and select the mode of payments whether through bank transfer, Visa/Master Card or any other payment modes provided and make your payment instantly.

Getting a quote for Titan Auto Insurance Policy is pretty simple as you can just call their customer support or visit their website and provide all the details about your vehicle (make, year, model etc.,), your details and you can instantly get a quote.

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