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UAIC Auto Insurance may be a good choice for you if you are trying to find an insurance company… or maybe not.

It is important to check the insurer thoughtfully before accepting their conditions.

We have gathered the most important information about their products, so you can check it out to decide if you want to deal with this business.

About UAIC

UAIC is a company that has been in the business for more than 27 years offering various insurance services.

It is based in Miami, Florida and specializes in non-standard car insurance, which is the type of insurance provided for people who have problems obtaining it from other companies.

Although non-standard policy comes with higher premium rates, it is still an opportunity for people to be insured and get some coverage.

UAIC Auto Insurance

UAIC operates in twelve different US states, and their services are mostly available through independent agents.

You can purchase your policy from them and then renew it online right on the company’s website.

Since there is no tool on the site that allows you to find an agent in your location, you will need to contact their representatives at their phone number.


Who Needs Non-Standard?

You may need to obtain non-standard insurance if you belong to one of the following groups:

  • Drivers with DUI/DWI convictions;
  • Drivers with plenty of claims;
  • Teenagers;
  • Drivers with many points on their license.

It is possible to opt for a standard insurance policy in this company as well, but you may find better conditions elsewhere.

If you want to contact their agents, you can enter the “Contact Us” page and choose the number provided for your state.

How to Deal with the Company?

The most of actions, such as purchasing a policy, making claims, etc. you will need to do through an agent of this company.

There is no feature on their website allowing you to file your claim online.

Also, it is impossible to find out quotes on the site, so you, basically, cannot avoid talking to their agent.

What you can do online is making a payment or renewing your contract.

Rating and Reviews

On the website of the BBB, you can currently find 208 complains and 17 negative reviews.

Most of them are related to problems with products or services.

Still, the rating given to the company by this organization is A+, which is excellent.

A.M. Best gave the company the low rating of CCC, which means weak, but it is no longer available due to UAIC’s request.

It is recommended to go through the customers reviews to check out what they think of the company.


If you have problems with obtaining car insurance, you may think about purchasing a non-standard policy.

Although it may be challenging to find good conditions, you do not have to accept poor services or extremely high prices.

UAIC is one of the options that you can consider, but it is crucial to make sure that UAIC car insurance is good enough, so talk to their agents and check opinions of their customers.

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