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The Wawanesa Auto Insurance Policy offers comprehensive coverage options with its various insurance products for customers in California, Oregon and for entire Canada.

Wawanesa is considered to be one of the oldest insurance companies as it was launched in the year 1896 in Wawanesa, Manitoba.

Now it is serving more than 2 million proud and satisfied customers.

Wawanesa Auto Insurance

Some of the main aspects that make Wawanesa as one of the most preferred Insurance companies across Canada and other areas is because of its excellent customer support, outstanding claims settlement procedure, strong financial background and fair pricing of its policies along with its enduring loyalty to the customers.


One can get a quote for the car insurance policy only if he meets certain guidelines prescribed by the California as he needs to be a good driver.

And it means a person who has been holding a driving license for three years and not involved in more than one violation or one at-fault accident.

Basically an at-fault accident carries two points that involves bodily injury.

People will not be eligible to apply for an insurance with Wawanesa if:

  • If the applicant is involved in more than one traffic violation or at-fault accident within the last three years
  • If the applicant has been convicted for using drugs, alcohol or any other offense in the last 10 years
  • If the applicant has been involved in an at-fault accident that resulted in death or injuries in the last 3 years
  • If an additional driver prescribed in the insurance quote with less than 3 years of driving experience who has been involved in an at-fault accident or convicted for traffic violation
  • If the applicant or the additional driver mentioned in the quote doesn’t reside in the address mentioned in the quote


The Wawanesa Insurance provides several discounts to its customer including discounts for:

  • Being a Good Driver
  • Completing a Mature Driver improvement Course
  • Insuring Multiple cars
  • For completing driver training
  • And finally for loyalty

Your auto insurance policy will also cover if you met with an accident using a rented passenger or a pick-up truck inside the US or Canada.


Wawanesa provides a 24/7 claims service to its customers, so you can always rely upon their service anytime.

When you are struck on the middle of a highway due to a flat tire or a broken engine or met with an accident, you can immediately call their customer support team to report about the incident and if you have roadside assistance covered in your insurance policy, your vehicle will be towed to nearest repair facility.

But according to the guidelines provided by the Department of Insurance Regulations, you also have the right to choose the service center of your choice and people form Wawanesa will tow your vehicle immediately.

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