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Westfield Group is a large provider with proved reputation, which has been working in this sphere for more than 150 years.

Thus, if you want to get reliable insurance to protect your car from accidents and other possible problems, Westfield Auto Insurance is an ideal variant.

Being a large company, Westfield Group, which comprises different companies, including Westfield, American Select, Ohio Farmers, Westfield bank, etc..

Cares a lot about its good name and, thus, offers only secure products and services to their clients.

About Westfield

There are several types of insurance types offered by the company.

In addition, they offer some packages, for example, combining auto and home insurance.

Westfield Auto Insurance

As for car insurance itself, Westfield reviews show that it might include the following:

  • Ordinary. It provides you with coverage of repairmen expenses, injuries or your and your passengers’ death. It might also include conditions when your company pays out additional costs even if the accident is not your fault.
  • Car insurance for several vehicles. It’s the same as for the first vehicle, just added to your regular policy.
  • Additional liability coverage. It will cover all the expenses on better conditions than regular liability.
  • Comprehensive and collision. The first one protects you from other dangers besides car accidents, the second one is useful when you need to cover both damage to the car you ran into and repair of your car.
  • Non-owned. That is for you to feel on the safe side while driving a borrowed or rented car.
  • Roadside assistance. This will allow you not to worry about running out of gasoline or sticking somewhere by accident, as 24-hour service is available to you.
  • Gap. It helps to compensate the difference between what you get if the car is totaled and if it’s depreciated after being repaired.
  • Electronic equipment coverage. It’s to cover repair or replacement of electronics your car features.


Westfield Companies work through agents. That means you cannot just go to the website, check what rates you are going to pay and compare it with other providers.

However, each case is personal, and you must be sure to receive the best service.

Although the rates are a bit higher than online companies offer, but there are no hidden taxes and additional costs.

You need to go to the website and find the address or telephone of the agent in your state to find out Westfield quotes.

By the way, Westfield insurance products are offered in about 20 states.


If you decide to buy car insurance from Westfield, it’s useful to know that Westfield Auto Insurance claims might be brought via agents or e-mail.

There is a great advantage of round-the-clock phone line, so you can claim anytime when it’s convenient for you.

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