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Windhaven auto insurance is available for drivers living in Texas and Florida.

If you live in these locations and want to find a reliable insurance service, you should read further to find out if Windhaven is the company that you are looking for.

Initial Information about the Windhaven

Windhaven Insurances was established in 1990 in Dallas, Texas. Today, their services are available in both Texas and Florida.

The company offers coverage for standard and non-standard drivers.

Although they have been growing quickly for many years, today they seem to stop expanding to other states.

Their services are available through local agents, and there is also the Clutch Insurance program that allows customers to purchase the needed insurance policy online.

Moreover, it is also possible to use a mobile app to manage your account.

Windhaven Auto Insurance

What Do They Offer?

If you wish to find out conditions of Windhaven car insurance, including quotes, you should contact their agents.

Also, you can use two online options: a website of an agent or the Clutch Insurance site.

The insurance programs offered by this company are pretty standard.

Non-standard drivers can enjoy liability-only policies.

Full coverage policies are also available, but if you are looking for some special options, you should check out other providers.

Generally, there is no much information on their website regarding their conditions, so to find out more you can use the mentioned above options.

How Can You Report a Claim?

It is possible to use several options to report claims.

Their phone line is available around the clock for free.

Also, you can report an accident through their agents.

If you use iPhone or Android devices, you can load their mobile app and use a claims reporting option.

Their claims process consists of the following five stages:

  • Collecting information;
  • Reporting the claim;
  • Reviewing the accident and policy coverage;
  • Evaluating damages;
  • Processing a payment.

The company ensures that all claims will be responded to within 24 hours.

They also have a Direct Repair network to ensure quick repairs.

Customers Reviews

The rating of Windhaven from the BBB is B+.

There are 344 complaints against the company and 37 negative reviews.

Also, there are one neutral and 2 positive reviews.

The rating of the company was lowered by the BBB due to not solving a range of complaints.

According to Google reviews, the company has a rating of 3/5.

Customers are not happy with refusal to satisfy claims, problems with contacting their representatives, slow service, and ignoring or denying claims.

Windhaven is not a large company, but they have many complaints from their customers.

On their website, you cannot find specific conditions to compare them to those offered by other insurance companies.

Also, they do not show signs of expanding.

You need to contact their agent to find out more about Windhaven auto insurance. Website:

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